close's dividend token (SXD) is a dividend paying token that entitles SXD token holders to receive both weekly and end of year dividends. Dividends are paid in Ethereum on volumes generated in both trading platform by traders and Dapp(decentralized apps) hub apps created by developers. Dividends are paid at a rate of 2% on smart option trades and 2%-20% of spread on CFDs and A-Book trades at a variable rate depending on the type of Dapp that is connected to the decentralized autonomous liquidity pool at the Dapp hub. Minimum number of SXD tokens required in order to receive dividends is 1. Initially you will get stem tokens (SXS) and you will have to convert them to SXD tokens with no additional cost after the ICO within 28 days. Apart from SXD token, you can also choose SXU token which is a utility token and it has in-platform benefits and not eligible to receive dividends. token sale is now live at: